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Before You Bring Your Puppy Home To help you raise your dog, consult The Art of Raising a Puppy; Carol Lea Benjamin, Mother Knows Best and Dog Problems; Clarice Rutherford and David Neil, How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With; or William Campbell, Owner's Guide to Better Behavior in Dogs and Cats. If you study just one of these before you get your puppy, it should probably be How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With but if you don't have time for more, do you really have time for a dog?. To help you decide when to call the vet, buy and use Carlson and Giffin, Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook. This is far more 'user friendly' than the cheaper Merck Veterinary Manual, also often stocked in mall bookstores. A. Why a Dobe?If you want a highly trainable, medium sized, short haired dog who doesn't drool a lot, who'd make a great family pet and who'd also deter criminals by her appearance alone, then a black female Doberman is the kind of dog to get.

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Join your local neighborhood watch•Avoid hiding spare keys outside. Anyone scouting your house will immediately know where you hide your spare keys Besides this, you should invest in an efficient home security system. Being careful is good, but being careful does not make you entirely secure. Precaution and vigilance combined are your best solution to staying secure in California. A:Being a California resident, you will need a home security system that not only protects your home and family but also provides you other benefits such as the following:•360 Degree Coverage: There are many parts of your house that could be vulnerable, such as basements and the garage. Home security devices should give you the option of covering all such areas•Saves Money: Living costs in California are high, especially in big cities such as San Francisco. Installation of a home security system may lower your insurance premiums. •24/7 Monitoring: This is a compulsory element if you value your peace of mind. As far as device combinations are concerned, those will depend entirely on your home’s security needs. Deciding what devices you want and where you want them, is something you will need to discuss with your security company. Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe is a “do it yourself” home security system company based out of Boston, Massachusetts.


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Patent Number 3482037A, and served as a basis for thirteen subsequent inventions and camera closed circuit television security systems. There’s nothing more important than knowing that your home is safe and secure from threats. Designed to monitor your home and contact you when something out of the ordinary happens, Ooma Home Security is a low cost, exceptionally effective solution that will give you the peace of mind you deserve since you can take decisive action in the event of an emergency. Home Security works with your existing Ooma Telo, so getting up and running is a breeze. Best of all, there are several different hardware components to choose from so you can customize your setup to ensure the ultimate protection for your household. Vivint is a home security system.